Recently, I’ve been reconnecting with my artistic side. I used to draw and paint a lot when I was young, but I neglected that aspect of me for years due to my intense focus on academics. Because of this long period where I did not draw or paint anything, whenever I tried to start again, thoughts like “nah, you can’t draw anymore” would pervade my mind. I gave up quite a few times. One of the main reasons why I did give up was hearing some people close to me make negative judgements about my art. This fed into my low self-confidence. I chose to believe their judgements over valuing my own art – my own expression.

Now, I’m so, so glad to say that I’m learning to break through those fears that have been holding me back in the past few years. Fears about what it means to be artistic. and redefining it for myself in a loving way – as a form of expression, rather than something that needs to be “good” in the eyes of others.

So now, I see that my artwork is an expression of who I am, and how I am healing. I express my experiences, feelings, and perspectives through these sketches and quotes. Each of my pieces tell a story.