Heart-centred Waiting

Not all staying feels the same. If you are staying with, or waiting for, someone, ask yourself—amidst all this uncertainty, do I feel happy, whole, and worthy, or do I feel flawed, worthless, and unwanted? there are two kinds of staying: the first grants you survival. the second teaches you how to love. There are times when … Continue reading Heart-centred Waiting

Let’s Talk About Hurt

It is one thing to feel hurt, but to actually tell someone how you feel openly and honestly, is a challenge on its own. A lot of us, including myself, have not been taught to communicate hurt in a loving way. Instead, we hold onto past hurts, and expect the other to change—only to feel … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hurt

getting emotionally involved

"getting emotionally involved" This phrase is usually used with caution. To alert you that in order to feel safe in the dating world, you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel deeply and openly express how you feel. In fact, there’s even the notion of getting involved “too early.” Here are some of the phrases I’ve been … Continue reading getting emotionally involved

Self – Aware Love

I need someone who is self-aware. A spiritual, deep-thinker like me, who is curious about the universe. Someone I can talk to about consciousness and the universe with for hours. I could listen to him all day. This man's curious, amazing mind intrigues me, and leaves me yearning for more. What is important to me, … Continue reading Self – Aware Love

moon healers

This one is devoted to my moon healers—those beautiful humans who have unknowingly played a part in my healing. ❤  I’ve found that the deeper the connection is, the deeper you burrow into my mind and heart, so the more intense the triggers are. It’s not fun to feel hurt/sad/heartbroken, but experiencing that has brought … Continue reading moon healers

To my 20 year old self.

To my 20 year old self. Loving someone never requires you to give up on yourself. You never, ever have to chase love. Love does not play games. If they are right for you, they will declare how they feel about you openly and honestly—no matter how hard it is for them to be vulnerable. … Continue reading To my 20 year old self.