Universal Message – Knight of Cups

What is the message for our collective consciousness at this time? What is something we can ALL work on and heal? Message 1—Embody Knight of Cups. Knight of Cups represents a knight making a conscious, emotional offer. ‘Here, take this cup.’ The first message for our universal consciousness at this time, is to embody this … Continue reading Universal Message – Knight of Cups

Let’s Talk About Hurt

It is one thing to feel hurt, but to actually tell someone how you feel openly and honestly, is a challenge on its own. A lot of us, including myself, have not been taught to communicate hurt in a loving way. Instead, we hold onto past hurts, and expect the other to change—only to feel … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hurt

Sexual Blocks – A Birthplace for Deeper Connection

I have had a tumultuous journey in terms of discovering my sexuality. As a child, I was sensual and free. This turned around completely at some point in my childhood. I became repulsed and aversive to sex. As I got older, these two aspects grew further apart—one became addictive, while the other became avoidant. The … Continue reading Sexual Blocks – A Birthplace for Deeper Connection

1 – Why I choose to be vulnerable

Everyone in this world has some level of shame about who they are. Some people more than others, depending on their childhood. In the past, I always saw my insecurities as a burden--I thought they defined me as a person, and I never wanted to come across as hopeless and depressed, since everyone around me … Continue reading 1 – Why I choose to be vulnerable